Pack 9000

Flowpack Machine
high production runs
La Pack 9000 (bobina superior) es la Envolvedora Flowpack Electrónica que propone Synchropack para productos regulares y muy altas producciones, con alimentaciones automáticas y múltiples cambios de formato.
Diseño en voladizo, construcción modular, flexibilidad y altas prestaciones, facilidad de uso y cambio de formato, mínimo mantenimiento y control electrónico total, son las principales características de éste modelo de envolvedora.
Sobre esta plataforma común, se han desarrollado múltiples configuraciones que, combinadas con la gran variedad de accesorios disponibles, hacen que la Pack 9000 se adapte a los productos más diversos así como a las más altas exigencias de los distintos entornos productivos.
Nuestra larga experiencia nos permite ofrecer también, un gran número de alimentadores y accesorios para la mas amplia variedad de productos.

Pallet conveyor

Conveyor belt with easily removable pusher paddles to vary the distance between them, without the need of tools.

Reel holder

Pneumatically expanding upper reel holder shaft, for a firm hold of the film reels. It provides axial adjustment on the operator’s side, which can be operated while the machine is running.

Fixed forming box

Specially designed for the height and width of the product to be wrapped.

Longitudinal sealing unit

Longitudinal sealing unit of modular type, composed of a pair of cold wheels for film dragging, 2 pairs of heated wheels for sealing and a pair of conical wheels for bending the longitudinal sealing flange.

Longitudinal welding module

Longitudinal welding module easily removable, simply needing to loosen 2 screws and an electric-pneumatic connector, for maintenance/cleaning operations, with the possibility of quick replacement with a spare module.

Cutting and welding unit

Rotary cutter-welder unit, available in different diameters, different number of jaws per shaft, and different widths and teeth according to the dimensions of the different products to be wrapped and the type of film to be used.

Outfeed conveyor with ejection

Outfeed conveyor for the already wrapped product equipped with independent variable speed motorization, adjustable according to the wrapping speed, with detection and rejection system for empty and double bags.


Transmission cabinet.

Touch screen display

10.4″ color touch screen for intuitive operator-machine interaction, with the possibility of displaying all operating parameters, warnings, alarms, etc.

Safety Compilance CE Directive 98/37/CE CE Directive 89/336 CEE - 93/68/CEE CE Directive 72/23 CEE - 93/68/CEE EN 415-3 / EN 60204-1 / EN ISO 12100-1 / EN ISO 12100-2 / EN 294 / EN 418
Power Supply 380-440 VAC / 3 Ph / 50-60 HZ
Electrical Consumption From 6 to 15 kw Depending on machine configuration
Air Consumption From 0 to 50 L / min @ 6 bar
Noise Level Less than 80 db
Weight Between 1000 - 1500 kg
Colour RAL 9007 Silver Metallic Grey
Thermo for heatsealable films
Cold for cold sealing films
RT Rotary type sealer / cutter
Inox Stainless Steel execution
RH “Right hand” execution